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"Can't stop that, can't stop that. Nah wah wah SML's hot yeah." -SuperMarioLogan Theme Song
Gender: Male
Type: Plush YouTuber
Date Joined: December 8, 2007
Status: Active (Moved to another account due to being demonitized)
Subscriber Count: 9M

Logan Austin Thirtyacre (born: November 17, 1994 [age 25]), better known online as SuperMarioLogan (often shortened to SML), is an American YouTuber who makes plush videos. He uses plushies from Mario games, and has some toys that are non-Nintendo as well. He also does reviews, updates, etc. His reviews were on his SuperLuigiLogan channel, which was once his new main channel. He started making videos in late 2007. His entire channel has been demonetized since late 2017. On the SuperLuigiLogan channel the content ranges from SML Movies to SML Reactions, where Logan gives Behind the Scenes and facts when filming certain episodes. He currently uploads his current SML plush videos on the SuperBowserLogan channel, since July 2019.

Why He's So "Pee Pee"

  1. He shows that plush YouTubers can be funny as he makes a bunch of interesting references in his YouTube channel like his SpongeBob reference on some episodes.
  2. Some of his characters can be likable like Shrek, who's basically known for his funny love of Cheesecake and Woody with his love of shrimps.
  3. He also admits some valuable moments, one example is the fact he knows salads can sometimes taste bad for some users but admits that they're healthy and it's good for you to eat.
  4. His jokes can be funny like his "I don't wanna taco about it" on Jeffy's Taco Tuesday or the "Black Lights Matter" joke on Jeffy's Bad Word.
  5. He also does a few interesting giveaways, one example is his Nintendo Switch giveaway on his "Nintendo Switch" video.
  6. His older videos are also decent like that one time where he remakes the "Super Mario Got Milk" commercial all the way back in 2007.
  7. Some of his videos like "Inside Jeffy", "Jeffy Plays Minecraft", "SuperPowers" and "Jeffy's Birthday" are actually decent videos from his YouTube channel.
  8. After his "SuperMarioLogan" lost ads, he moved to newer channels as well as trying to improve his content for the better.
  9. His "superyoshilogan" channel contains a bunch of interesting gaming videos where he plays certain games, one of the notable examples of that channel is his videos where he plays Minecraft.
  10. He started a few decent memes, like the memes based off of Bowser Junior or Cody.
  11. He cares for his fans as shown with the things he has done for them.
  12. He's also creative as he uses different plots for his videos with some of them being reused. Plus, some of his new ideas for his videos can be unique as well.
  13. He also does a few decent music videos like his "Home Alone" music video.
  14. The channel did improved and comes back to it's older days ever since the channel moved to SuperBowserLogan.
  15. They even had a decent collab with the shark puppet YouTuber in "Jeffy's Pet Shark" and Nicktendo in "Jeffy's Sleepover".

Bad Qualities

  1. The merchandise in are way too overpriced.
  2. Some of his videos like "Jeffy's Bad Word", "Locked Out", "The Secret Door", "The Gun" and "Jeffy's Tantrum" aren't great.
  3. He was a Stephen Sharer wannabe on Chilly's channel before they broke up.
  4. He once went against Good Morning America all because they were telling that SML isn't good for kids.
  5. A lot of characters in his videos are unlikable like Tyrone, Bowser, Chef Pee Pee and so on.
  6. Some of his jokes aren't great like when he joked about rape.
    • Some of his videos also use "gay" as an insult.
  7. The thumbnails of his videos are lazy.
  8. His hatred on Big Hero 6 can be rough at times.
  9. The puppet designs for the Mario Characters look awful. Thankfully, they've stopped using them for some time now.




one month ago
Score 4
Is this wiki even aware of how horrible SuperMarioLogan is as a person? He cheated on his girlfriend (Chilly) with two prostitutes.


one month ago
Score 1
They cheated on each other.


10 days ago
Score 0
I believe Chilly cheated first, but Logan did it after she cheated on him. But since Tito was Chilly's brother, he was kicked out too.


23 days ago
Score 1
Also, you got to admit that superbowserlogan was a big improvment for him

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