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Adam the Woo here on the Daily Woo.
Gender: Male
Type: Urban Explorer
Date Joined: July 2, 2012
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 564K

TheDailyWoo is a YouTuber that does videos on various places around the country. Mostly California.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He explores random places including theme parks and tourist attractions.
  2. He finds some mysteries such as missing places and restraints becoming museums.
    • He found the location of where the first Dairy Queen was and where one of the first chain locations used to be.
    • He also found out that the first McDonalds is owned by Guan Pollo which is a chicken restaurant.
  3. He also checks out some abandoned places.
  4. He also looks at the story behind certain places.
  5. He even finds the oldest chain location operating.
    • He found the oldest Mcdonalds that's still in operation which appears to be Mcdonalds #3.
  6. He also goes to new locations such as new roller coaster rides.
    • He went to the opening of the Incredicoaster at Pixar Pier.
  7. He puts humor in his videos.
  8. His content is, for the most part, family-friendly.


  1. He got banned from Universal Orlando and Disney World. Thankfully, his ban from Disney World got lifted by Disney themselves meaning he can go there again.
  2. This is his second channel which his first channel is adamthewoo which he uploads more on his daily woo channel.
  3. People want his ban from Universal Orlando to get lifted.


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