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The Relaxing End
The Relaxing End.png
Pure gameplay & unboxing videos. Sit back and relax.
Gender: Male
Type: Gamer and Unboxer
Date Joined: January 22, 2011
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 7.24M

TheRelaxingEnd is an unboxing YouTuber who joined on January 2, 2011. He has over two million subscribers.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He unboxes not just new consoles, but old consoles as well. He even unboxes limited editions of consoles both new and old.
    • He unboxed an Halo 3 Limited Edition Xbox 360.
      • The box didn't come with the game. But he actually had the game with him!
    • He unboxed a GameCube that came with Metroid Prime and a bonus disc.
  2. He always wears gloves, so the console won't get dirty with fingerprints. He also tries to be careful, because he uses special kinds of blades, and doesn't cut himself.
  3. He always brings some games to try out on the consoles he unboxed.
  4. He gives out gameplays after unboxing the consoles.
  5. He also gives out texts instead of talking about his reactions while unboxing.
  6. Sometimes, he'll play the startup of the new and old console.

Bad Qualities

  1. The text shown constantly can get annoying.
  2. In a video where he unboxed an Atari Flashback, he added footage of a Call of Duty game for no reason whatsoever, and then added footage of the Atari 2600 game Front Line that he claimed was "How Call of Duty would have looked like in 1984". He later realized that it wasn't made by Activision but the next game he played H.E.R.O. was by Activision and had some similarities to Call of Duty.
  3. On his Commodore 64 Mini video, he showed some music from Commodore 64 games instead of footage of the mini system because the footage got corrupted.



20 months ago
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This guy is underrated in my opinion.

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