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The 8-Bit Guy

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Hello, this is the 8-Bit Guy here.
Gender: Male
Type: Tech reviewer, game creator
Date Joined: July 25, 2006
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 932,698

The 8-Bit Guy (formerly The iBook Guy) is a YouTuber who does videos on technology mostly on various old tech.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He used to do some great videos on iBooks.
  2. He does show some new products made for old devices.
  3. He does some good repairs on old computers and gets them working and back to original shape.
  4. He does some great videos on how stuff works including the music, graphics, and cartridges of old systems.
  5. He even does some great product reviews of new products for old computers.
  6. He made good games for the Commodore 64 in his series Planet X which includes Planet X1, Planet X2, and Planet X3.
  7. Unlike some other YouTubers that push their viewers to support them on Patreon, he does not push it as he is fine with people just watching his videos.
  8. He is also going to make a new computer called Commander X16 which looks pretty fun.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. He once destroyed a rare computer while attempting a rushed repair which he admitted but it led to strong hate and minor gravedigging but it wasn't as bad as What's Inside destroying rare and expensive items just to see what's inside them


  1. His real name is David Murry.
  2. He gets asked from people that want a free laptop from him because he has a ton of them as he compares that to going to Best Buy to ask for a free laptop because they have a whole store of them.
  3. He has another channel called 8-Bit Keys which also uploads music to SoundCloud. He refers to this channel as the sister channel. This one is not as active as his main channel.
  4. As mentioned on reason 1 on why he's amazing, he started his channel off doing videos on iBooks. His first video was introducing himself and the fact that his channel is (at the time) all about iBooks.
  5. He also sells on eBay. His eBay name is adric22.
  6. On one of his 8-bit unboxing videos, he got a package that said The iBook Guy and thought it got lost in time, although he was probably joking.
  7. He has three more channels that not many people know, including an airgun channel called awesomeairguns, TheBullionChannel, a channel about coins, and Cranial Pasta which contains various contents. All these channels are abandoned.




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