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"Welcome to TierZoo"
Gender: Male
Type: Animal Tier List Ranker
Date Joined: July 1, 2017
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 1.99M

TierZoo is an American YouTuber who dedicated himself also putting research into his ideas and how underutilized animals can really be. His main purpose is to encourage others to actually lear education wtih the style of using the Smash Bros. style of ranking animals.

Why He's Amazing

  1. He is open minded to the animals utility towards their surroundings rather than rank personal reasons, like in his cat tier list, he stated the jaguar is S-Tier because jaguars can flat out pierce skulls, while tigers and lions use the suffocation method.
  2. He doesn't always say that playing as extinct animals is not optional, but rather as a possibly if you imagine yourself playing as the animal.
  3. He has a lot of interesting titles like the "Are (various) OP?" because they do not rely solely on the animals strength, but how they manage the surroundings.
  4. Some of his videos also tell the advantages and disadvantages of which build and playstyle is the best.
  5. Not only does he rank animals based on their success, he does rank animals individually by order (primates, amphibians, reptiles, etc.)
  6. Also knows that animals can be good for being support classes, making sense since animals were domesticated.
  7. He doesn't say all specialist builds are very OP, because they can't have as much utility as animals which go into the general build.
  8. He can even encourage YouTubers to actually seek education while being entertaining as well!



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