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Unjustified block for Money

Blad (talkcontribs)

I am not involved in the state of this wiki, but A. I saw this on Meta, and B. I like to give advice, and I believe his block was completely unjustified. First and foremost, you are an admin. You should be expected to answer questions when possible and within reason, no matter how annoying they may be. Second, the question Money asked wasn't even directed at you. If Pacsonic doesn't find it too terribly annoying and it's not disruptive, I don't see the issue. Third, you blocked him without talk page access, which basically means no chance of appeal. He simply asked a question. I don't see what's so wrong about that. Worst case scenario, you could've blocked him from the user talk namespace. This is the first thing you see on Special:Block, and it's laughable that you didn't even attempt to mediate the issue at hand here, without warning.

ThePCGamer (talkcontribs)

I know about it, but I honestly think that Money went too far. He even stalked someone on another platform and after the said user removed his comment, he archived it just to make sure it's shown. He also put something on a different wiki (which is now closed) that was made for criticism, and once put a cleanup template on some pages on different wikis, but they could be difficult to find to remove them. Not to mention, he also started a clog war in my talk page by constantly replying to something I don't wanna be involved at all. I also think that if he manages to appeal, he'll start the same stuff again, and he's probably doing it now just to make sure he's unblocked. So I'm afraid I don't know if I could unban him if he'll continue his stuff that many people seem to hate.

Raidarr (talkcontribs)

Money did not 'stalk' anyone. Money went to a public blog posted by Duchess to rip on the reception wikis and left his opinion in the comments. This claim is a bit of hyperbolic slander which has never been properly explained and has no ground to stand on.

Putting a critique piece on a completely different wiki to criticize something which I actually agree was poorly written has absolutely no bearing on what happens here.

Putting a cleanup on pages needing cleanup is common sense. If you disagree, explain why. Don't be lazy and just use that as a stick to try and find excuses why you don't like him.

"Many people seem to hate" having to respond to things that challenge them to actually look into what is going on and think. This is lazy. This reflects more on you than it does on Money. He will probably do the same thing again and hopefully an admin with administrative capabilities will follow up with him. He already knows you are unwilling to do any particular administrative activities (the only thing you've done in the past few months is make minor edits to pages and rebuke Money on talk pages in defense of Duchess) so he will no doubt ignore you going forward. For now unless you want to admit this wiki's rules come down to "I want to ban anyone I and duchess don't like" (the only people who've explicitly rebuked him on this wiki), there is no reasonable excuse to ban him and you should simply undo it and let a more patient admin deal with him.

If you get annoyed then the answer is to deal with it like an adult, or if you are not one, trying to be like one. You are an admin. It's not a free pass to be lazy: it is (at least, it should be) a responsibility. If you do not want to fulfill the responsibility then you should leave it to someone who will.

Nidoking (talkcontribs)

I unblocked him from the wiki as it was pretty harsh to fully block him indefinitely for a question, if you think the block was justified in the first place let me know.

Nidoking (talkcontribs)

Even if he can be annoying at times, a short block for a few hours would be better.

Raidarr (talkcontribs)

If you want to reblock, consider a proper warning or establishing admin/community consensus before doing it. In order to deal with the issue you must consider what he is saying, address it or address him accordingly, and make that message clear on his talk page. If he ignores it from there you can take further action.

Money12123 (talkcontribs)

Anyway, could the thread that thePCGamer resolved on Duchess' talk page be reopened?