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Should this guy stay?

Pacsonic9000 (talkcontribs)

The reason's why he's amazing is mostly about his drawing style but there's only 2 reasons for that and the 3rd reason is just a trivia. It is pretty funny reading it though. He might stay if he haves more reasons why he's amazing and when the caption for the picture changes in a good way.

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

Give me a moment. I'll make a stub template for it.

This post was hidden by Jeva (history)
Portrock1566 (talkcontribs)

What did Jeva do?

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

I have no idea. But he's doing something disrespecting.

Pacsonic9000 (talkcontribs)

Is he being a troll again?

Jeva (talkcontribs)

Sorry about what I did.

Mar9122 (talkcontribs)

Don't apologize here, Jeva. Apologize in this thread.