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Translator Fails
"Gradually watermelon"
Gender: Female
Type: Google Translate musician
Date Joined: Jun 4, 2010
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: +1.1M

Malinda Kathleen Reese, known on her YouTube channel name as Translator Fails, is a YouTuber and singer who joined around June 2010 and has around 800,000+ subscribers. She is known for "taking certain song lyrics, translating them into multiple languages using Google Translate, and then back into English", and trying to sing them.

Why She's Amazing

  1. She's surprisingly talented, as she's able to sing really well, even if she uses AutoTune.
  2. The lyrics in her Google Translate Sings series are usually very funny and are often much better than the original song.
  3. Speaking of which, she manages to distort the lyrics in the songs very well.
  4. In her Google Translate videos, she manages to dress as the person she's portraying as very well. A good example is Taylor Swift in her "Look What You Made Me Do" parody.
  5. Not only does she translate lyrics, but she also translates other stuff as well in her "Translator Fails" series. Examples include movie quotes, recipes, her morning routine, and her workout.
  6. She even does things other than Google Translate, like original songs and covers. She even made a song about Google Translate!
  7. Her other channel, MALINDA, is equally as great as Translator Fails, as she mainly sings covers and sometimes posts original songs. She even makes "I wrote a song using (insert something here)" videos, similar to Colleen Ballinger.
  8. Some lines in her songs have spawned internet memes, like "Gradually watermelon" in her Shape of You parody, and "Satan Takes Me To The Pasta" in her Havana parody. She even made them into shirts, though they are no longer available.
  9. Her parody of "Old Town Road" is decent.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her older videos weren't really that funny due to the lyrics being too similar to the original.



11 months ago
Score 2

"Refridgerator and the leopard his spots"

- Google Translate Sings: The Circle of Life

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