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Hello everyone and welcome to Twopennymilk!
Gender: Unknown
Type: Robot makers and battlers
Date Joined: April 1, 2015
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 2,576

Twopennymilk is a YouTube channel that does videos on robot battles.

Why They’re Amazing

  1. The team does a great job of making their own mini weight robot combat robots as seen in their video Bits and Bobs 2.
  2. They also make none controllable mini weight robot combat toys controllable.
  3. They even did a great job at restored Wel-Dor(a heavyweight robot that competed in the original Robot Wars series).
  4. They can be funny sometimes.
  5. The channel doesn’t take itself too seriously, but in a good way, in their video How to scare and American with Northern Irish humor.

Bad Qualities

  1. Rusty (their own mini weight robot) has once gone in a hiatus, even though Rusty is their fan’s most notable thing about their channel. Thankfully, Rusty came back.
  2. They don’t get too many views because of how small their channel is.

Link to Their channel


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