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JJTA1211 Rant Script

The video opens up using this photo.

Hello guys, Pinky Malinky here, and today will be a special video. No, it will not be a Villager mock video. Why? Because there is a special user that is somewhat copying me and that name is J J T A 1 2 1 1, also known as Jordan.

The video, then, switches the background to Jordan's profile picture.

This user is somewhat one of the most annoying users I have ever seen. When I first met Jordan, he made this one wiki called Atrocious FANDOM Wikis and Users Wiki. I didn't think that was a good idea, so I said that someone should report it, then he said "don't you dare" which shows he can't handle criticism on the then-new wiki. I blocked him for good before he apologized.

The video switches back to this photo.

You would think he would improve, but he didn't. He managed to get into some drama with a wiki called Surreal Memes Wiki, and he lied about the entire thing. First off, when I made my old self a page, he did the same thing and took 2 reasons out of my page. Then, he made a page about his hate memes.

The video then switches to the thread that Jordan was caught lying.